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Labyrinth Cube - Diabolical

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This is next Labyrinth Cube I designed after making Soma. I felt that Soma might be too difficult (1 correct assemble out of a possible 240) so I wanted to make one that is more manageable. This one is based off of the Diabolical cube, which is thought to be the oldest puzzle of this type.

The standard Diabolical cube has 13 different assemblies. After adding 1-4 tunnels through each of the 6 pieces, only one of the 13 possible assemblies will work. The goal is to find the single assembly that aligns all of the tunnels to create a pathway throughout the cube (passing through all 27 voxels), drop the ball bearing into the labyrinth and maneuver the ball through the created maze and out the exit.

Size: 2.5 in x 2.5 in x 2.5 in

These items are 3D-printed and hand-assembled so some minor imperfections may be present.

This puzzle contains small pieces and is not intended for children.